Jean L

Hong Kong , Hong Kong

About Me

Business Development Manager in the multimedia industry. I started in advertising and made my way into E-commerce and Digital Marketing, always working in the retail industry from B2B clients to B2C clients.

My Areas of Expertise

I have over 30,000 contacts in APAC mostly in Hong Kong. I would say my contribution area would be operations, sales and marketing. I have built a few start-ups from scratch in China and Hong Kong and have experienced the challenges of the highs and lows.


Your Investment Range
HK$25,000 To HK$100,000

Pre-Startup/R&D, Achieving Sales, Breaking Even, Other

Education & Training, Transportation, Internet, eCommerce & Apps, Building Services & Products, Greentech & Environmental, Retail, Marketing & Advertising, Technology

Hong Kong


Hong Kong, Canada, USA

My Companies

My Endorsements

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