Even though its population is significantly smaller than China’s, or most countries for that matter, Hong Kong is a key location for business entrepreneurs and investors in Asia. As the financial hub of Asia, with a more developed system for new business, entrepreneurs are relatively common in Hong Kong.

Business entrepreneurs and start-ups get a sort of admiration in Hong Kong, and there are many stories about successful franchises originating from one entrepreneur’s start-up ideas. Various people have stated how Hong Kong’s status was built from its economic freedom, and not via its government.

Businesses in Hong Kong also promote entrepreneurship amongst younger people, with annual events such as the Young Entrepreneur Awards (YEA), run by major international companies based in Hong Kong, such as HSBC.

Many entrepreneurs in Hong Kong have started to look into other markets such as China for potential investment, even though entrepreneurial pursuits and angel investment are relatively new there. Sites like the Hong Kong branch of the Angel Investment Network hope to give these business entrepreneurs even further reach into these markets, with the ability to share business ideas with investors located around the world.

Several entrepreneurial groups have formed in Hong Kong over the past few years, such as the “Entrepreneurs Club” and “HK Women Professional & Entrepreneurs Association”, plus local events such as the “Hong Kong Web Start-Up Meet-Up”

This hopefully is a sign of things to come, as business entrepreneurs in Hong Kong start to connect with each other online.