Over the past few years, investors in Hong Kong have been looking at other Asian markets for investment opportunities. One prime candidate has been Vietnam, where the country’s accession to the WTO in 2007 has caught the eye of Hong Kong investors.

Due to the economic growth in China over the last few decades, Hong Kong as a business location has seen continued success, as the location acts as a springboard into China and globally around the rest of the world.

Hong Kong’s unique position means it is an attractive option for basing a business or launching a start-up. Entrepreneurs see the benefits of being able to access both Asian and global markets from Hong Kong, and over the years many successful businesses have started out from the Hong Kong region.

Growth of Angel Investment in Hong Kong

A steady increase in private investors has helped make angel investment an option for individuals or groups in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong branch of the Angel Investment Network was built to cater to this growing market.

This access to investors and business angels in the Hong Kong marketplace has fuelled the rise in entrepreneurship in the region. Today, it is common for younger individuals to look towards entrepreneurship as a way to launch their careers. This is common in Hong Kong where business has always played a big part in the region. This younger audience bring new and exciting business ideas to the Hong Kong market that are ripe for investment. Often these young investors have good ideas for business but lack the funding to put the idea into action. Angel investment can help bridge the gap between a good idea and a successful and profitable business.

Market Sectors Ripe for Investment in Hong Kong

Business investment opportunities in Hong Kong are available across a wide range of market sectors, so there will be something of interest for any potential investor. Several other investment groups have started to form in the region, including non-profit financial associations such as the HKIFA (Hong Kong Investment Funds Association).

As a key entry point for investors and businesses looking to expand into China and the rest of Asia, Hong Kong has a strong environment for investors – along with a growing number of local investors that are looking for opportunities internationally.

Some of the most popular market sectors in Hong Kong have historically been finance, tech, tourism, and professional services. This continues today, but with a greater shift towards both tech and digital marketplaces. Young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong tend to focus more on these newer, emerging sectors since they can often start their business leveraging their own skill and time. Typically, what many of these entrepreneurs lack is simply the funds to launch their business.

How the Angel Investment Network Can Help

Entrepreneurs can connect with investors in Hong Kong and elsewhere around the world, while investors can browse through business proposals in a variety of market sectors. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a business investor based in Hong Kong, you can add details of your project on the Angel Investment Network and connect with likeminded investors. One of the key advantages of using the Angel Investment Network is that you can find both local investors but also business angels based overseas who are looking for business opportunities in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong based < ahref="https://www.investmentnetwork.hk/business-angels">Business Angels and overseas investors can search the Angel Investment Network to find projects that interest them and potentially may want to invest in.