Private Investment in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a location that has always been popular with entrepreneurs with its connection to both China and the rest of the world. There have always been a lot of business opportunities in Hong Kong and because of this, investors have long considered Hong Kong as a location that is worth investing in. This is great for entrepreneurs based in Hong Kong because if you have the right business idea or start up, then there is generally always private investment ready to support your business. Hong Kong also serves as an important staging post for investors looking to top the China marketplace which has seen a surge in entrepreneurship and investment over the last few decades.

For the Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, it is worth noting that many new companies in Hong Kong receive initial funding through private investments (such as seed capital or venture capital). In a private investment, young businesses work closely with investors so that the two are on the same page about the company’s growth and development.

Private investors are wealthy individuals looking for a profitable return in a viable business venture. They are also known as business angels or angel investors. Typically, they can also offer networking opportunities and business connections or sometimes take on a management role in their invested company. If you’re Hong Kong business is looking to export overseas, then it can be advantage to connect with investors that have experience in this sort of trading relationship. You can leverage their expertise in this field to the advantage of your business

Private investment funds are also often received quicker than funding from venture capitalists - an individual, firm or pool of individuals who invest large sums of money in already-established businesses - because less due diligence (investigations or audits of a potential investment) is involved. In turn, private investors are usually more patient about receiving a return on their investment than venture capitalists or large firms.

How The Hong Kong Investment Network Can Help

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for private investment, then the Hong Kong Investment Network has been designed to help you find the finance that you’re looking for. By Signing-up and posting details of your business idea, angel investors can find your project and invest in it if it is something that they are interested in. One of the key benefits of the Hong Kong Investment Network is that entrepreneurs can find local investors in Hong Kong, but also in China, the US, Europe and from wider afield since the Angel Investment Network has a global presence.

Angel Investors can use the Hong Kong Investment Network to find investment opportunities to fund in Hong Kong. Sign-up to search for your next investment opportunity and hunt down businesses, start-ups and projects that are looking for business partners and funding.